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CCS - Communication Center Specialists is a veteran owned, USA business. 


Our company began in 2008 when a Washington State based veteran, single father and manufacturers representative for many industry specific products including console desk manufacturer Watson, recognized a need in 9-1-1 communication centers; there was no maintenance program to keep console desks clean, free of dirt/dust, and protected them from regular wear and tear.  Our founder, Thad Parker realized that most centers have a janitorial staff that will clean around the consoles but rarely in, on and underneath them.  No one was removing debris, liquid spills, dust mites and allergens from the dispatcher’s primary work space.  CCS was born!  

In 2012, the business expanded beyond the Pacific Northwest and launched nationwide.  Jenny Mason, our CEO, introduced CCS to the USA!  Prior to CCS, Jenny was a direct manufacturers representative for Eaton (formerly Wright Line) in Oregon State for 8 years.  She brought a new level of enthusiasm to the company and, with years of hands on research within the industry, has taught Germ Warfare and Toxic Environment classes specific to 9-1-1 all over the country.  

Both Thad & Jenny share a passion for this industry.  Thad is a past CCAM for the Washington State APCO/NENA Chapter.  Jenny was a member of the APCO International Commercial Advisory Council (CAC) from 2014 - 2022.  She chaired the council from 2018 to 2020 and represented the CAC on the Conference & Exhibition Committee (CEC) from 2020 - 2022.  Jenny is currently the CCAM for the State of Florida APCO Chapter.


We strive to take care of those who have been taking care of us with little to no reward.   If we can help create a healthier environment for you, the first responders we love, our mission has been accomplished!​

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