• Preventative Maintenance & Repair

Do you have broken door hinges, console legs not working, loose screws or falling fabric edging?  Calling the manufacturer for these small repairs NEVER happens and no one on-site has the inclination or tools to repair.  If left neglected too long these could lead to more catastrophic issues.   

  • Detailed Deep Cleaning

Dirt, dust, debris, dust mites, spilled liquids.  These can lead to fungus growth, mold, germs, additional dust mite populations and all of this contributes to allergies and loss of productivity due to feeling sick. 

Our professionally trained technical service team will go through each console desk performing intensive cleaning and inspecting your console furniture for any abnormalities.  Any issue found that can be resolved immediately will be repaired. 


The team is trained to work in an active environment so there is no need to halt operations.  We will cooperate with your organization to ensure seamless execution of the following services: 

  • Vacuum, clean, sanitize and/or disinfect all reachable interior & exterior surfaces

  • Inspect, repair (if possible)

  • Report findings for follow-up

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One of the most critical issues on all console desks is lack of wire management.  Not utilizing the correct channels provided for maximum usage can create a 'spaghetti' nightmare.    Keyboards, mice, power cables and speaker wires often inhibit the console from raising and lowering to their full extent.


We work with your IT staff for preferences and develop a wire management solution for your specific consoles.  We will utilize your existing wiring network and some additions, if necessary, to increase efficiency.

New installations, as well as wire management on systems that have been previously installed - we do it all. 

This service includes the following:

  • Running/Securing Wires

  • Add extension for full-movement

  • Label wires

  • Testing to ensure movement

  • Charting

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  • Installations, reconfiguration

We have the expertise to move, disassemble and reassemble your console desks.

  • Moves

Whether it be across a room or across town, we are prepared to move you and your dispatch center on YOUR time frame. 

  • Carpet Replacement

Our team can work with your chosen carpet provider or quote you to have us complete the entire project. 

  • Console Desk Lifting

Our team has spent years perfecting the art of lifting consoles for carpet square replacement.  It saves you time and money by not having to completely disassemble your desks.  

  • Raised Flooring

Looking for a raised floor solution?  We can put together a solution that works for your needs.

  • Other

Our technicians are trained to handle many "outside the box" projects, so if you don't see what your looking for listed here, reach out to us!


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