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~Maureen Will (Newtown, CT)

"Thank you to you and your team!  My staff was so happy with their demeanor and interactions with your team, that they asked if there was a way to specifically have them come back in the future.  I don’t know if that’s a possibility, but if their schedules line up with our appointments, we would love to have them back."

~Mandi Montalvo (Elk Grove, CA)

"Our agency was so satisfied with CCS, that we have decided to get on a bi-annual cleaning service! We love that CCS is able to get all the nitty gritty spots that are often missed. Our dispatchers wipe down each station after each shift, so I was very shocked to see the amount of dust, dirt, and pens that was found during our cleaning! I give CCS a A+ all around!"

~Sara Townsel (Wauchula, FL)

"Nothing but high praises for your crew, as always a very professional job and we enjoyed them being here."
~Bill Streets (New Castle, DE)

"I was astonished at the amount of dirt and debris collected. We are very satisfied and will certainly be utilizing your services in the future."

~Samantha Dutch (Laurinburg, NC)

The guys did great! Appreciate the job your guys always do!

~Brandy Scott (Oswego, KS)

~Tami Patlogar (Azusa, CA)

"Your crew did a wonderful job in our Comm Center. They were very professional and respectful, and made certain not to interrupt dispatch operations in the office. We are exceedingly satisfied with their work, and will continue to come to your organization for similar needs down the road."

~Scott Anderson (Sacramento, CA)

"I want to say the stations are so clean, its like they are new again.
Your team did an awesome job, it was really nice that they left the bag of dust-everyone was really surprised. I can't wait to hear
about the recommendations/what needs fixed. The process went really smooth and they were really helpful in explaining a few things about the station and how they work. Thanks so much!"

~Bobbie Jowers (Newbern, TN)

[Your team] "did an excellent job for us!   They were prompt, efficient and we barely knew they were here!   They worked quickly and did not disrupt our work at all!  They followed the plan set up by our Supervisor on duty and handled themselves in a professional manner their entire visit!   You can send them back to us ANY time!"

~Corrine Walser (Charlotte, NC)

"[Your team] did great! I can't believe how much stuff they found that we thought we lost!  Thank them for us for coming out and cleaning so well!"

~Sarah Baker (Hepner, OR)

"Great work, great people.  We are very happy with the quality of work." 

~ Charles Smith (Norfolk, VA)

"Your people were awesome.  Very personable and professional.  Look forward to having them again."

~Windy Kraus (Lubbock PD, TX)

"You're techs did a great job, I really appreciated them being flexible as we worked emergency calls and needed breaks from the vacuuming.  They were very cautious about the equipment, and Beau was very familiar with what technology we had and how to best work around it.  We didn't encounter any downtime, which I appreciate the most!"

~Jennifer Kenton (Campbell, CA)

"I just wanted to reach out and touch base with you regarding the services yesterday. Your crew arrived early and were very professional and friendly. I can’t thank them enough for how good of a job they did and their patience when things got a little busy and they had to delay going to different consoles!"

~Will McLaughlin (Louisa, VA)

~Jim Cullen (Steamboat Springs, CO)

"Our experience with your crew was wonderful.  They did an awesome job and were very thorough.  My dispatchers enjoyed meeting them and visiting with them while they were here.  We will definitely be interested in using your services again next year."

~Heather Wofford (Ardmore OK)

"It was a great experience. We will be in touch again next year!" 

~Lori Andreson (Blair, NE)

Your team was professional and did a great job with my center.  I am very glad we will be doing this service in the future.  They were both friendly and patient when we briefly needed them to stop for an emergency. Thank you!

~Annette Goley (Fairfield, CA)

"I was going to reach out to you today and let you know that we were very pleased with the work that your crew completed in our center.  I received nothing but praise for these 3 gentlemen. I would love for you to put something in their employee file from our agency on a job well done. I would also like to request the same 3 individuals next year."

 ~Cindy Gillespie (Chesterfield, VA)

"We appreciate your team and the wonderful job they did! They were very friendly and cleaned our very dirty stations thoroughly. We are very satisfied."

~Nicole Lanthrop (Condon, OR)

"[Your team was] great!!!!  They were very considerate and understanding when we had to ask them to stop the vacuum because of a call.  They just quietly kept working on other things until we were finished.  They kept us in the loop of what was going on and if they had any issues.  They were very quick to help when something didn't come back up correctly and worked till it was back correct.  The consoles haven't been this clean probably since the day they were put in.  Those guys came into what I like to call "wire vomit" all over the place behind and between the consoles.  They did an AMAZING job cleaning it up.  It was amazing how much "dead" stuff they pulled out. We are very thankful for your service and the work the guys did."

~Contessa Stilts (Portland, IN)

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