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Hello! My name is Jenny Mason and I am the CEO of CCS - Communication Center Specialists! You might have seen me and my little pup, Gizmo at one of the many conferences we attend all over the country.

We love what to do at CCS! Our goal has always been to create a safer, healthier environment for telecommunicators and others in 24/7 environments.

CCS was BORN! When this business started in 2008 it was a way to give back to the hard working people in 9-1-1 communication centers and because there were too many centers with console desk in disgusting conditions. Both myself and my business partner Thad had sold, installed & repaired 9-1-1 dispatch furniture in our roles as sales representatives for years. We have a unique understanding of the furniture, technology, environment and the needs of the individuals who work at these desks. Time and time again, we would go into communication centers that had amazing furniture in disrepair and filthy to the point of being a major health hazard for the telecommunicators working hard to keep us safe. We heard complaints from technicians and vendors who worked within these desks. We will never forgt an IT professional telling us he had to take allergy pills just to do his job because the dust, dirty, debris & mold within the desks were so bad!

Over the years we have provided cleaning & preventative maintenance for thousands of centers. Just as processes & technology have changed for you, it has changed for us too! We have adapted our processes, products and affiliations to better serve you! We will continue to find cutting edge, more efficient ways to keep your console desks functional, clean and disinfected!

We have educated you on germs and environmental issues within your centers. We have been teaching people how/when to wash their hands before it was "cool" ;) ! During normal times and the pandemic we worked hard to keep your centers clean and as germ free as possible. We supplied disinfection products and services to keep COVID at bay. Thad and I take regular trainings from the CDC on related topics to be as up to speed as possible on the issues you may face. I served 8 years on the APCO Commercial Advisory Council to be more involved and get a better understanding of the industry and what we an do to help it. Our mission has always been and will always be to provide our 9-1-1 professionals with as much support as possible.

Enter our BLOG! This is the first blog I have ever attempted and I have some ideas to get us started but my goal is to have this as interactive as possible!! If you have questions or ideas for blog topics, I would LOVE to hear from you!! I don't want to bombard you with TONS of canned emails or overkill of information. This is a safe place where I am hoping we can work together to answer questions you and others might have about our services, germs in your center as well as environemental hazards you might not even realize you are dealing with!! Please click the below button to send me an email with any questions or blog ideas you might have!

Have patience with me as I start this journey! Keep posted as we dip our toes into the world of blogging!!


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Joyce Drouant
Joyce Drouant
Oct 17, 2022

Looking forward to watching this take off

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