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How often should you perform a detailed cleaning of your 911 dispatch center console desks?

CCS - Communication Center Specialists recommends a detailed cleaning of your 911 dispatch center console desk a minimum of ONCE A YEAR by trained technicians, certified to work in your environment. If you can budget for twice a year, even better! Frequent removal of the dust, dirt and debris on, under and around your console desks and equipment not only increases the longevity of your furniture and technical equipment, it creates a healthier environment for you and your team.

You are in an environment unlike any general office situation. Your console desks are used 24/7 by multiple people. Sharing these spaces creates a virtual petri dish of germs and bacteria not to mention the dust, dirt and debris that accumulates over time. How many times have you walked into dispatch and immediately started sneezing, coughing and getting itchy eyes? CCS - Communication Center Specialists has created a process to help minimize these negative effects on your team.

Wiping down the work surface between shifts will definitely help keep the "bugs" at bay but having a regularly scheduled console cleaning to clean, sanitize & disinfect your console desks will extend the life of your desks and slow the growth of harmful germs, bacteria & viruses that are making your team sick. The morale boost you get from providing your team with a fresh, clean environment to work in is PRICELESS!

How much did you spend on your console desks? The processes you go through and the time you've spent to budget for your console desks was a long one. We know you want to make the most of that investment! That means making sure that your desks stay clean and functional. Small issues that go un-noticed and un-reported can turn into large, expensive issues. Having regular preventative maintenance performed on your desks helps you stay in the know about the condition of your console desks. CCS - Communication Center Specialists provides fixes to issues that can be remedied while we are on-site. We update you on problems we see and the overall functionality (or non-functionality) as we service your center. Since we are partnered with many of the major console desk manufacturers, we can also provide connections to additional resources to get your investment back in full working order.

CCS - Communication Center Specialists strives to take care of 911 telecommunicators who have been taking care of us with little to no reward and vow to help you protect your console desk investment. If we can help create a healthier environment for you, the first responders we love, our mission has been accomplished!​

For more information about CCS - Communication Center Specialists please contact us here: CCS.

To receive an estimate for our services please contact us at: CCS - Communication Center Specialists Estimate

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